Everything we need is inside us!

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I have been overwhelmed with the last heat wave, the intensity of the moon and movements in unexpected directions. In the past I would be looking for outside help, but these days my preference is to find all the strength I need inside me. So to clear my mind, body and spirit I decided to fast. The first 24 hours I was just drinking water and then for 6 days I had fruits, coconut water and tons of water. I added dandelion, burdock and milk thistle to make my liver, adrenals and kidneys happy! Surprisingly it was easy this year: I could watch people cooking and eating and it didn’t feel like a big deal at all as I didn’t associate myself with food and I trained my mind not to waste time even thinking about it. My mum’s reaction was surprisingly accepting, telling me that I know what’s best for me. This was a wow moment, and to be honest it’s a huge step forward in our relationship! My dad told me I already look like a skeleton so I took it a kind of weird compliment. My brother reminded me that Jesus fasted 40 days so a week was no big deal and Christopher told me he used to feel amazing when he fasted on fruits for months. I half expected him to join me, however he didn’t; cheeky monkey! During this week I realised I can sometimes eat too much while in an unconscious state! I always carry vegan bars, seaweed chips and dry mangoes in my bag just in case I am hungry! How could I be hungry if I eat at least twice a day? It all came from fearful stories in my childhood when I was constantly pushed to eat, otherwise I was told I would be weak, sick and never grow etc. The second thing I realised is how much time I lose with my eating habits: shop, cook, eat, clean, digest. It’s like a whole day revolving around food! The third thing is the less I eat the better my yoga practice and I also feel more joy, strength and flexibility! Yoga is the passion of my life so I need to adjust my relationship with food! May we all find everything we need inside us rather than outside us!

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