Only Love is real

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I was thinking for a long time about the tension patterns in my shoulders, then one day I read that we block the energy in our body more and more by carrying all kinds of stuff in our shoulders, some of which doesn’t even belong to us! After this reminder I wanted to look at myself in the mirror! I saw a clear connection between my right shoulder and my dad. 3 years ago my dad had a heart attack, so every time there is an unexpected call from Latvia I jump like I am in an over heated pan! I carry so much fear for my dad. The truth is that the calls come because my mum and dad miss me, or they just want to share how well the dill is growing or how my dad made a new table for the garden, or even simply they press the call button by mistake (yes, that happened!) But my mind is like a fearful drunk monkey, creating a lot of stories when the phone rings! It’s not my nature to be in fear so I remind myself to choose love and faith over fear! I am learning to respect my dad’s journey as he continues to enjoy the lifestyle he is accustomed to, doing all the things in the world which are known to be bad for the heart. I love my dad intensely and infinitely, but I need to get to the place of unconditional love so that I can accept his stubborn scallywag ways which prevent him from living a healthier life! These days I am grateful to my dad for teaching me how to love deeply and unconditionally! I am grateful to him for showing me that when you love somebody so deeply and so much you just let this person be free to be who they choose to be even if it does not fit with your agenda! I am learning to let go of family burdens located around my shoulders!  Sending all my Love to all of you!!!

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