Mother India

It feels like the stars are aligned for my trip to India !. After 24 hours flying I landed in Delhi. Passing through Hare Krishna singing, customs control and an ocean of locals who wanted to know me, constantly offering their services and nonstop smilling like they inherited the happy gene, all made me full of joy, excitement and love. All those good feelings overcame a sense of being slightly out of my comfort zone as I was on my own at 3 am in the morning in giant Delhi. The reconnection to the culture of Krishna, Ganesha, Shiva, Durga and Lakshmi totally settled my nerves. Then after 3 hours in a taxi, I found myself in holy Govardhan which was a massive cultural shock as I thought the whole of India was like my amazing adopted home town of Mysore which feels more like Beverly Hills, where coconuts and papayas are on offer every 20 metres. Above all the energy is light, sunny and joyful with the scent of spices and masala dosas hanging in the air. Also the streets are very clean by Indian style. Govardhan met me with Saturn energy. Powerful, mystic, ascetic, dark, slow and intense. On the first day it was ‘mission impossible’ to find coconut and papaya, which is my primary food in India. At 3.30 I met the Guruji Shailendra Sharma. I was immediately comfortable in his powerful and peaceful presence. Darshan talks, pujas, Govardhan parikrama: walking bare foot through the night 21 km, made me connected to this potent place. I surrendered to the intensity. Still looking for many answers, but already I feel great inner contentment just being here. OmFEF0BA94-3B2D-4495-B2EF-1203FEAD452D

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