Christmas in India.New year in Spain.

What does a yoga girl want for Christmas? The answer is as simple as 2+2 =4; just more yoga. This year my wishes came true and I celebrated Christmas in India. On 24/12 after morning practice everybody was enjoying Christmas coconut and feeling vibrations of indescribable happiness. I asked if anyone would do anything special for Christmas? Dave proudly shared his home baked chocolate cookies as his answer! Rebecca invited me to fast andmeditate as the polar opposite of usual Christmas tradition, then Katija invited me to kirtan chanting mantras. My final decision was a spiritual journey to the Temple on Chamundi Hill with Japa and a Beauty Salon! Of course, I started with the Beauty Salon! Then next morning on 25/12 I was up at 4 am preparing to climb the 1000 steps to the temple. During the taxi ride in total darkness at around 5 am I had a thought that it was kind of crazy what I was doing right then, but then I cut this thought out by reminding myself that I was going to God, so what could happen to me in India alone in total blackness. But just in case, I stayed close to the Sadhu who was beautifully singing mantras for each step. Of course the journey has to be done in bare feet, so why it did not cross my mind when I did my pedicure yesterday? Never mind, it’s even better to come to this Holy site with perfect beautiful feet! Climbing slowly with a mantra for each step, I was finally at Chamundi. The temple was still closed so I sat down nearby and closed my eyes for pranayama. 45 minutes later I open my eyes to see an Indian guy sitting next to me on the left and probably meditating. There were dogs lying down on the right trying to befriend me by sniffing, waving their tails and simultaneously asking for treats, Holy Cows were lying down in the middle of the road in front of me, just in their usual shanti shanti state. It was still cold so I decided to warm up inside the Temple. As all Indians do I made myself comfortable sitting just on the floor and facing the sun rise in the yard of the Shiva temple, 2 seconds later a Priest came with the usual lists of questions, including what my good name is, where am I from etc. He offered me blessings and the temple prasad of a red rose and sweets. The energy was so powerful that I felt my Soul being cleaned and tears began slowly running down my cheeks. An Indian woman touched me and whispered to me “Do you believe?” My answer was silence, but then I thought it does not matter if I believe or not, I feel the presence of the Divine in every single creation. I feel love looking into your eyes, the beauty of your heart and the Light within you! Gratitude o everyone and everything in 2017! Happy New year! May Love and Peace be our constant state of Life! Hare Om!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, living room, table and indoor
Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, living room and indoor


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