Just BE

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2015 Mysore, India. It’s my 4 week intensive course. The name speaks for itself – its damn intense, plus it’s unusually cold in the mornings! Sitting in the class and preparing myself for pranayama, which is 75 minutes of stillness and breath work. Sometimes I really enjoy that stillness straight after 2 hours of asanas, but this day my true desire is just to lie down and, ooo, please, for a long long time! The truth is it’s not even an option for me, oh, at least in this lifetime, so the only thing left is to make myself as comfortable as possible, including putting a hoodie on my head as it’s cozy and warm! Silently the teacher approaches me: ” Don’t look for comfort in your physical body, go beyond it” and he took my hoodie off. Uff, I feel resistance then I breathe out my ego chatter, surrendering and allowing everything to flow: coldness, drowsiness, non- stop complaining, swearing hips, constant images of the past coming from my muscles and joints. I just do not want to give my energy to that destructive stuff anymore. What I want is to give all my focus on one breath at a time! The feeling of nothingness, emptiness, endless joy and peace start rising up! O God, It feels soooo good just to be!

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