Kissed by Divine

We are all kissed and loved by the Divine Source. All of us. No exception. This truth needs to be Imprinted in our DNA, mind and heart. We are loved. We are enough. Remember how much was given to us when we were children: family, home, food, clothes, toys, school, holidays. Some of us received more and some far less. The point is that we have all been given life in a physical body and our existence meant that we were all cared for in different ways and different degrees. We are here now because we were cared for. Even being brought up in very challenging circumstances, goodness can be found at some point, especially when we are open to the concept that we deserve all good things in life. Ultimately we choose the reality we live in. By thinking and living outside the box, outside of the negative thought patterns, we can be open to all kinds of wonderful people and wonderful experiences. It’s very liberating to say goodbye to distracting and energy draining thoughts, things, people. I love letting go of old patterns, thoughts, stuff every single day. A New day, a New Me! We need to bin outdated/negative programs and upload new programs on a regular basis just as we do with our electronic devices!! The more we are open to a joyful life, the more we feel the heart filled with gratitude for the physical body, for our beautiful loved ones, for our home, for our environment, for all the gifts which come to us through people and life events. Thank you my Loved ones, as always love you and have a magic day.😘😘😘😘😘😘

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