Happy mind, happy body!


There are some thought patterns which have power over the body. I have successfully made use of several of these for a few decades. My body gives up 1000 times and my mind picks it up to 1001. Recently I have started to look at my body with huge gratitude: how strong, flexible and gorgeous it is and I absolutely love it. I am feeling very comfortable in it and yes, my favourite dress is my skin and smile. It’s a Divine creation: it’s serving me 24/7 as my best friend and really while here on planet earth my body is actually me. Even when the moment arrives to go beyond the rainbow, my Soul would leave the body not the other way around. The body is always loving and supporting me, giving me amazing opportunities to touch, sense, taste, see and hear, to practice/experience the passion of my life – yoga. I am using my mind over the body differently these days ever since I dropped the word must in favour of just saying thank you. There are many exciting/difficult moments in yoga for me and I know one day they will be mine, but I am not trying to conquer my body anymore: I am embracing, loving, listening with kindness, gratitude. The battle field disappears from my mind when only love and gratitude exist. By the way the scales were thrown out a long time ago and I still don’t have the skills to count calories. The only measure which matters to me is the quality of awareness which allows me to feel joy, love and greatness in my body! Join me to feel great in my fire/water/earth/air classes on zoom Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I am also available for private yoga classes online or in person. Love, Angela😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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