Tangerins, Crypto Currencies and Divine Love!

When the world goes nuts and here in Mallorca we go into another major lock down, I try to dampen my inner fire with chaturangas, tangerines and my new fascination with crypto currencies (according to some financial wizards it’s our future!). I guide my awareness to Divine Light in everything, but this lockdown has woken up my rebellious heart which makes me want more cuddles and comfort food! I just want to dream of angel’s wings and wake up in a world where there is no fear, where we can see each other’s smiling faces and where we can meet and hug family and friends, where everyone is free to mingle and travel. O bella Italia you are number One on my list! But for today I surrender, back to my studies, projects and gratitudes. I Keep looking to the stars as they have all the answers to our million questions. I know we are all loved, nourished and protected and one day I will know all the answers, but in this moment I am doing what my heart loves and what makes me excited – handstands, splits, back bends, watching bewildering crypto currencies travel north and eating tangerines is a treat! Share my passion with yoga and join me on Zoom tomorrow 10.00-12.00! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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