The best year of your life!


My Beautiful Sweethearts, Yepp!!! we are ready to say goodbye to 2020 in a few weeks. The Christmas tree lights are on and the candles flicker as we dance with joy! We are ready – well I am! Dance with me! 2020 was powerful and challenging for most of us: we learned languages, business strategies, money management, investment skills (still a foreign beast to me), photography (under development), cousin – vegan, asian, italian (banana chocolate ginger smoothie is my dish of the year), self development courses (for many lifetimes), anatomy exam (proud owner of the diploma), middle, front, standing splits, handstands, art, psychology, communication through the entire galaxy and space and all that glorious knowledge online:)😂😂😂 – gratitude and bow to British scientist Tim Berners-Lee! Make sure you leap into 2021 lighter with an open rebellious heart! Leave behind with a big Fat thank you everything and everyone who held you back from your joy and happiness (trust me – you deserve better)! Never ever look back, just speed forward like a Ferrari (believe Italians, they know a lot about la Dolce Vita)! Be wild and burn bridges, remember fire is a purifying spiritual element! The best year of your life is waiting for you! I will be with you smiling, dancing, moving, meditating, breathing. Live your life fully, savour every single moment, be grateful to God for remembering to wake you up every morning! Love to all, my Rebellious Hearts!

Happily looking forward to seeing you!

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