Just be grateful

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​W​ay before sunrise​ ​my day ​begins​ with lemon juice, prayers and yoga! That’s how I get high, happy and electric! I look forward ​to​ each new day as I ​am ​totally addicted ​to Life​ with all its shades and colours! There ​is ​so much magic ​around which​ makes me soar higher and higher​. There are also​ plenty ​of ​days when I ​am humbled ​to my knees. ​T​he energy of gratitude lifts me up and helps me see the Light! No matter what​ is​ happening to me I teach​ myself to be grateful! Gratitude is the vigorous answer​ to difficult days​! We are all powerful beings and we can ch​o​o​se​ Gratitude or Misery! ​O​ur choice! I have faith ​that​ everything happen​s​ for​ a reason and even if my eyes cannot see it​ ​in the moment,​ it does not mean it’s not there! I believe that we ​are ​all loved and supported by the energy that created us​ and the souls closest to us​! ​ But being Grateful ​doesn’t mean we should accept circumstances which inhibit our progress and well-being. We need to remember we have the power to change course if something doesn’t feel right and the support around us will still be right there. Allow yourself to believe!

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