Where is your wings of Light?


We all have greatness within. When the sparkle of light inside each heart shines brightly, our wings soar to high states of being. When negative feelings sap our energy we tend to lose our lightness of wings and spirit. Simultaneously we seem to lose the healthy perspective of oneness with the world and connection with other souls. The illusion of separation thoughts weigh heavily on our wings which then take us down to the level of consciousness where frustrations rule over love and we forget that letting go of present or past grievances can magically open us up to higher states of being. For example, when we are truly able to forgive someone else, this somehow resonates and stimulates self-forgiveness. We need to monitor the mind so it doesn’t project agendas onto experiences which are actually supposed to be heartfelt within a complete sensory organism called a human being!!! Yoga helps calm the sometimes tricky mind and brings light energy to wings which want to soar to incredible heights! Love to all!

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