Smile with an open heart!

Smile with an open heart and the Universe will smile back ♥️

We create our own reality. Everyone is here to enjoy life and evolve. What about emotions like anger, frustration and fear? Well, sometimes these guys like to pay us a visit us too. When they knock at my door I choose to smile at them and offer them my gratitude. I choose to be a creator not a victim. Along with that fear, anger, frustration comes the perfect gift to exercise our inner strength, power and freedom of choice. My free choice is to confirm I am in charge of my state of being. Freedom starts from the inside. Nothing and nobody can hurt, offend or irritate me if I am in the right state of being. The ego can sometimes disturb the tranquility and joy of the soul. Most of the time there is no reason to be upset, fearful or angry and plenty reason to dance, sing and be happy. We don’t need to defend against verbal abuse, for example if someone wants to give a lecture on the importance of wearing a mask properly! At that moment we have a choice to allow this person to dump her bag of fear, anger and frustration on a top of us or just be grateful to her for some spicy moment in an otherwise perfect day and then delete that negative experience immediately. We could also offer this person compassion as we probably don’t know the full story and the reason for such aggressive behavior. Let’s keep smiling with an open heart and the Universe will smile back. Sending you always love, light and gratitude!😘😘😘😘😘😘

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