Lost in Love because of YOU!

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I always Love my Birthdays! Usually I spend them in prayers, yoga and meditation combine with a treat like Rolfing/ Structural integration. My idea is to create this powerful day as transformational as possible! The days when my parents used to organise my birthdays like Indian weddings: inviting my friends, relatives, their friends, neighbours and neighbour’s friends are in the past. But something happened this year as it became a fairy-tale birthday and all because of YOU! It started way before sunrise as I woke up at 3.45 am without the alarm (YES, finally!) feeling so excited about my birth and smiling, singing and reading all your loving wishes and blessings from all over the world! By 6 am I got so many roses that it made me hold my breath (usually I teach completely the opposite!!!) and for a moment I forgot all the social skills how to thank or talk as the only thing my brain was able to deliver was: “Really? Is it for me? Nooo, really?” I believe I also looked freshly born with wonder in my eyes! Then gifts were floating and floating and I just felt so much love and your open hearts then I just lost myself in you and in your love! It was beyond my comprehension, it was just pure Magic! And it all continued the next day!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of my Life, for being Light and Love, you are forever in my Heart! Thank you Divine for the great gift – Life! I am so thrilled to be born again!!!

Tomorrow 2 of July I am giving yoga class at Vegan day out event, at Son Amar! Come with your yoga mat!!! The Vegan day starts at 18.00. Yoga is at 20.30-21.30

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