Living for Love

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We are all born from an infinite reservour of unconditional love and we return there when we die. We don’t need to wait for that moment in order to experience this love which is all around us 24 hours a day; we just need to tune in. For me, I feel unconditional love pouring into me as I witness a magnificent sunrise, a bright full moon, the scent of jasmin, the kiss of my loved one, the kind smile of a stranger. It’s everywhere. Accepting who we are and unconditionally loving ourselves enables us to love others unconditionally and is part of the great Divine plan! I do my best with this but sometimes I catch myself pleasing others out of fear rather than love, with issues of abondament, rejection and inadequacy! Pleasing someone for the wrong reasons is a betrayal of both me and the other person. So I need to feel my heart and communicate from that place of love! My intention is living for Love!

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