Make your choice and choose Love

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Our cat Diego (a kind of Norwegian snow cat) adopted us in May 2016. I believe he had a hard time surviving in the mountains on his own as he arrived traumatised with no social skills whatsoever. It was love at first sight and he found his place on the sofa, immediately becoming a member of our family. However, it took him a while to feel truly safe, confident, happy and not hungry any more! But occasionally his mind would play tricks with him (we all have those special moments) and his poverty/never enough mentality kicked in, making him start up his cat’s song. At one of his concerts like this I just grabbed him, squeezed him and told him how much I loved him and I promised him a home and food for the rest of his life, so he had no need to cry. He looked into my eyes and I felt recognition and mutual agreement as he calmed down and fell asleep in my hands, making  himself extra heavy! I looked at this amazing creature and realised that what we all need is Love and maybe a little bit of water, food and yoga :). Diego is a happy chap these days, but when his bowls are full of food and he starts singing his cat’s songs we know what to do; give him, Love, love, love! Even for me, when I feel like a drama queen on a blue moon (still happens) then my way to restore inner peace is to do yoga and then catch and hug everyone! It works magically for me! Feeling love towards everyone and everything is the best gift you can give to yourself! Make your choice and choose Love!

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