Live your life fully

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There is an old saying that the only constant in life is change. It’s a law which is better to embrace rather than resist as it purposefully helps us grow up and evolve. We are never exactly the same. If we look at a lemon tree and see small green lemons, we know at some point in the future they will be big and yellow unless something causes them to wither and die. But if we look at the same lemons tomorrow they might still be small and green, yet lemons cannot remain in a constant state as they are either ripening or decaying! That’s how we create illusions in life sometimes; when nothing appears to be changing because
we are unable to see it, touch it or feel it, the reality is different. No matter what we may perceive as reality, we are always evolving or decaying. It’s the law of nature. We should not fear ageing, rather we should fear not living life fully! Some people say that 30 is better than 20; well, I know by practicing yoga every day my 39 will be better than my 29! Let’s live life fully!!

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