Breathe and Surrender!

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“Relax, find ease and stop struggling.” Thats me, teaching myself while stretching into my stubborn straddle or middle split. I watch my facial expression, my breath and I keep my mind still in the Now! What I really want is to release raw wild animal screams! But remembering about politeness regarding our neighbours in Es Capdella, plus Christopher and the cats, I just keep repeating my mantra, “Relax, breathe and let it go.” Ha! Easy to say but almost impossible sometimes! Just staying with the breath while watching emotions rising up and disappearing, is the way out of suffering! It could be naive thinking that pain will go away if we just ignore it. Even if we are lucky and healthy, we might not feel it, yet we can still carry it in our joints, in muscles and fascia and in our Soul every day; it imprints in our life with or without our conscious awareness. For sure we know how to numb the pain in our heart by eating too much,  drinking too much or partying too much etc., everybody has a favourite secret escape!
There will always be trigger points in our lives when the shit hits the fan and it makes us pause to see how much work has to be done! No matter what, we learn to find ease and peace even in pain. What I learn from my dear straddle is this: the more I relax the deeper I will go, the more I surrender the more I feel closer to God! During the 5 minutes of stretching I whisper to myself, “Breathe, surrender and give it all to God. Share the pain, the struggle, the ease and the love! Become one with God!”

Available for private classes!

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