The crack in my heart

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I studied a lot of subjects at school and I believe I learned a lot but nobody taught me about the Soul. At University we studied religion and philosophy which was like “80 days around the world” without depth or discussion, just centuries, names and facts crammed into 2,5 months! So my head had a lot of data which was not useful to my Soul or my life! I was very hungry to connect to my heart and other human hearts! My prayers were heard when yoga and I found each other and the adventure of self discovery began! A couple of days ago, my brothers’ girlfriend came to Mallorca. It was not easy for me to be around in the past as I normally wore some armour around my heart called “The big sister who protects baby brother”! This time I decided to put this shield away and take the opportunity to feel the heart. We sparked immediately and had a great time connecting to each other, laughing till tears flowed, and we even made fools of ourselves dancing on chairs next to some street musicians! 5 hours flew by in minutes and it was time to say goodbye! I was completely caught by surprise as my heart was cracked and I felt like I did not want to stop hugging her! I guess the truth is my heart had tears of separation trauma! I told myself to have a small walk on the beach to connect more to this sensation but my jolly mind jumped with a creative plan to stop it and went shopping instead! I smiled as I heard the dialogue between mind and heart. I did walk a little bit and allowed myself to be in pain. Then l went shopping anyway! I really did not need to! The orders from the health shop could wait, but I picked up my yogi tea trying to be present and honest with myself as I knew I was trying to escape the inconvenient and uncomfortable crack in my heart. I took a deep breath and found my inner smile!

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