Let yourself shine!

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Relax, breathe and accept yourself. You are beautiful and perfect the way you are! I am not sure how you feel about that, but for me it’s a work in progress! Every day I am cultivating as much love and compassion as possible towards myself and others which requires the ego to let go of it’s limiting attachments. It’s all about the practice enabling my Soul to shine! Sometimes my weekly practice could look like this: Monday great, Tuesday rubbish, Wednesday not bad, Thursday I reach my heels in kapotasana – wow!, Friday I crawl to the mat, Saturday I am like a 300 year old tortoise and Sunday I soar like an eagle! No big deal! The real deal is uncovering the best version of ourselves in a moment! Keep practicing! Don’t wait for the perfect moment, because it might never arrive! Don’t wait for the rain to stop, just dance with it! Practice yoga today!

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