The power of laughing at yourself

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I was believing I was doing quite well after all these years of practicing yoga on a daily basis. You know; calming the mind, opening the heart with love and compassion, meditating, feeling passion for life, living with some kind of angel on earth called Christopher and Buddha’s cats who are constantly in meditation 24/7 (except the new cat Diego who is apparently still in search of enlightenment judging by his dramatic behaviour at mealtimes!) and being surrounded by adorable and beautiful students. Then I call my mum! I immediately recognise the emotional hook, so I elegantly bow to her over the phone and say it’s time for me to meditate. But then it’s a seconds and a third call! Finally I just tell the truth! It’s scary, uncomfortable and very painful for both of us! Then a long moment of silence arrives. In the emptiness our inner gremlins are replaced with deep breaths and a volcano of compassionate, unconditional love! Then comes joy, happiness and a lot of hysterical laughter! Love and gratitude to my best teacher, my mum!

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