Food and yoga

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There were days when Christopher was looking at me with big eyes trying to guess where that huge amount of food on my plate was going to go! And o boy! It always found room! It’s like I had an infinite amount of space in me! I could eat for me, for Christopher and for you! I had a love affair with food and I still do, but these days I believe it’s more nourishing and supportive, instead of being a love-hate relationship! Yoga changed my eating habits slowly in an organic and kind way! When I started doing yoga I was a fish eater, then I became vegetarian and 4 years ago I became vegan, but never a strict one as long as brownies exist in this lifetime! The battle between me and brownies has been a long one which lasted till January 2016 when through meditation I realised I had to just stop fighting with it and allow myself to watch my dark desire. Here I was in a coffee shop drinking my white tea and staring at a brownie with enormous desire, telling myself it’s okay to feel that and not have it as I know how it will affect my yoga practice! Yoga for me is my life and if something affects my practice then I would rather not have it at all! Through my practice I know in my mind that yoga and unhealthy food are not friends!  If I eat heavy food my practice is in trouble; my breath is all over the place, concentration is under the ground and I feel like I am practicing with a heavy sack of potatoes on my shoulders and even life feels heavy around me. It’s not a nice feeling at all! If I eat mindfully and healthily I am enjoying my practice and I feel like I can fly on a mat and life around me is vibrant in an easy and happy way! My mind is clear and sharp, my breath is deep and steady, my body is free and happy to move! I feel alive and I connect to deep peace in me! I know it’s not the end of the food story and the desire will come up again, but I also know if I don’t feed it it will go away.

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