Keep feeling your heart!

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After practicing yoga for 5 years I decided to take yoga teacher training with Paul Dallaghan. I told him I wasn’t very good in many asanas. He said with a big smile “No Big Deal! The important thing is heartfelt commitment and the rest will develop with persistent practice!” Looking back I see how right he was. With passion and focus we can all become great at anything we desire. Some of us focus on becoming better and better at watching TV shows or knowing all the news or football scores. For me, I became perfect at watching “Friends” and could maybe get a prize in a quiz on that! Some of us can even learn 5 languages, while others play tennis every day and even though it’s not possible to become Rafael Nadal you will still become pretty damn good! If you don’t believe that impossible dreams can become possible, trust me, you haven’t seen me in my first yoga class! The crucial thing is  to follow your own unique heart’s desire because this is the one which will make You truly happy! If you jump out of bed every morning with a big smile to hug the beautiful new day, then that’s a good sign you are on the right path to being well connected with Life Source! If this sounds alien to you then it’s time to feel your Heart and honour your passion! Keep feeling your heart!

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