The same question keeps popping up, “Are you excited to go to India?” The answer is that I am trying not to be as I want to enjoy being right here right now, savouring my daily practice and teaching, loving my students, kissing Christopher and squeezing my cats, but at the same time deeply inside my heart I am looking forward to seeing my teacher who always helps me pull out my dragons and give them to the light! I am ready to go beyond what my mind can grasp! I am looking forward to practice, practice and practice with a silent mind and an open heart! I am fascinated with how many layers of fear, stiffness and ego I will be able to burn off during this trip and how much more loving kindness I will be able to raise in my heart. Even if my ego and stubbornness will not move, it will be okay too, as I am looking forward to just being humble, bowing and offering my deepest gratitude to my teacher! I am looking forward to kneeling in the temple and whispering to God and the Angels about how thankful I am for the knowledge and wisdom of the Yoga path. Thank you my beloved students for allowing me to share with you what I learn in India! My deepest gratitude to all my family for their support!

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