Choose Love and yourself!

The love frequency vibrates at 852 hz and apparently it can spread up to 2 km or more depending on the person’s energy. Fear vibrates at 19 hz. Feel the difference! Fear, worries, anger can’t survive in the field of love, like darkness can’t exist in light. Last week life gave me a challenging time with 3 different situations. The first was recognising the inadequacy of someone’s behaviour and my choosing not to intervene in their own program. The second experience was a deeper one where I chose to open my heart to offer compassion and understanding. The third situation was the cherry on the cake where someone actually wanted to hurt me by projecting their personal agenda onto me. I offered my thanks with a smile, but the resentment infected me and spread in my heart. It was so sticky and dark that I wanted to shake it off as quickly as possible, but it didn’t work. Then the desire was to talk to a dear friend about it, but I realised I didn’t want to give more power to it. So I started meditating, focusing on female energy, reminding myself that we are powerful enough to take everything in from our first energy centre/chakra and raise it up in order to give it back from the highest chakra in the form of love. I did not resist it anymore, I didn’t want to shake it off, so I just inhaled it and transformed the negative energy into love energy. This transformational work healed me within minutes. Flowers became bright again and the sun smiled down on me. I love the world and the world loves me back. I choose Love and myself!

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